Star Trek: Picard Reveals Jack's True Identity and Brings Back an Old Friend

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 9 Beverly Jean Luc

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Thursday’s Star Trek: Picard.

The Star Trek: Picard crew is gearing up for next week’s series finale… and they have a nice ride to get them there.

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 9 Jack TroiBut first, Thursday’s penultimate episode answers a big question about Jack Crusher’s origins. During an intense therapy session with Troi, Jack finally opens that red door lingering in his psyche — and to Troi’s horror, there’s a Borg cube on the other side. Jean-Luc’s time as Locutus resulted in him passing Borg material down to his son Jack, who now serves as an unwitting Borg transmitter, which explains his ability to control others’ bodies. Jean-Luc is devastated, of course, and breaks the bad news to Jack, bringing security with him to take the dangerous Jack into custody. But Jack fights back, using his Borg mind control to assimilate the guards and escape, stealing a shuttle to go confront the Borg Queen in the synthetic flesh.

Jack reaches the Queen and is prepared to hit her with a phaser, but she simply welcomes her prodigal son home before assimilating him into her collective. Meanwhile, Geordi and Data figure out that the Borg altered Jean-Luc’s DNA and used the Changelings to code that altered DNA into Starfleet transporters… so everyone who’s been through a transporter now has Borg in them. Yikes! Luckily, it only affects cadets under the age of 25, since their brains are still developing, but it’s enough for the Borg to assimilate all of the Titan‘s young crew… including Geordi’s daughter. The Borgified youngsters take over every Starfleet ship, including the Titan, while the oldsters flee to a repair shuttle with Shaw giving them cover — and taking a fatal phaser blast. His dying words are to hand command over to Seven, calling her “Seven of Nine” for the first time. Awww… given how he started out, we can’t believe we’re actually going to miss that guy.

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 9 Enterprise DWith the rest of Starfleet firmly under Borg control, Jean-Luc and his pals need an older ship that isn’t wired into the new network — and Geordi reveals that he has the old Enterprise-D stashed in the fleet museum (!!!). He restored it back to its former glory, and the nostalgia is off the charts as Jean-Luc and company set foot on that familiar bridge once again. They take their usual positions and set a course for a final showdown with the Borg, with Jean-Luc sending them off with that iconic command: “Engage.”

How much did you love seeing the TNG gang back on the Enterprise? And what are you hoping to see in next week’s series finale? Beam down to the comments to share your thoughts.      

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