Manifest Season 4, Part 2: Release Date for Final Episodes Set at Netflix — Watch the Teaser

Manifest is gearing up for its final descent.

Netflix announced on Friday that Season 4, Part 2 — which contains the remaining 10 episodes of the supernatural drama — will arrive on Friday, June 2. (That’s one year shy of the show’s June 2, 2024 Death Date.)

Check out the premiere date reveal in the above teaser, as well as new photos from the final episodes below.

Manifest follows the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, who landed in New York only to learn that they’d been missing for five years. They soon realized that they were a part of something bigger than they could have ever imagined.

Season 4, Part 1 (which dropped back in November) ended with Zeke using his empathic powers to save Cal’s life, sacrificing his own in the process. Angelina, meanwhile, absorbed the sapphire and emerged from the church looking like the harbinger of the apocalypse.

In the aftermath of Angelina unleashing a devastating volcanic fissure, Part 2 finds the passengers facing “severe scrutiny in a world fueled by 828er hate, no longer free to solve their own Callings without constant supervision by the unscrupulous 828 Registry,” per the official synopsis. “A mysterious accident delivers ominous warnings on a biblical scale that will further jeopardize the livelihood of all the passengers.”

As Michaela grieves her late husband Zeke, she will “team up with her old flame Jared to find new methods to investigate Callings.” Meanwhile, “Ben and Saanvi attempt to collaborate with the Registry authorities, which only leads to dire results for the passengers.” Plus, a mythological event “reactivates Cal’s sapphire-laden dragon scar, offering a glimmer of hope for the 828ers to survive the rapidly approaching Death Date. But Angelina’s nefarious sapphire powers continue to wreak havoc, leading to a struggle between good and evil down to their very last day.”

While Zeke might be dead, showrunner Jeff Rake previously told TVLine that his passing “doesn’t necessarily prevent two lovers like Michaela and Zeke somehow finding a way to communicate with each other.”

The Manifest boss noted that the final batch of episodes pick up a “number of months” later, with Michaela and Jared contemplating whether to rekindle things. “Jared will have been respectful, and then the question raised [is], ‘How much time does one have to wait before moving on?’” Rake teased. “That will be a question that both Michaela and Jared ask themselves.”

Josh Dallas, meanwhile, alluded to a potential romance for Ben in the final episodes, after Grace’s shocking death at the end of Season 3. “As we go forward in the story, you start to see the old Ben come back more, although changed from this journey that he’s gone on,” Dallas said in a previous interview. “I think his heart does start to open.”

What do you hope to see in Manifest’s final episodes? Drop your predictions below.

Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Manifest Season 4 Part 2

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