The Mandalorian 3x06: Who Did Lizzo, Jack Black and Christopher Lloyd Play?

Mandalorian Lizzo Jack Black Christopher Lloyd

Great Scott! The Mandalorian served up a “Special” guest star or three with the sixth episode of Season 3.

The episode title, “Guns For Hire,” referred to what Bo-Katan’s Nite-Owl pals are now up to, but it just as much could be a nod to the many unannounced guest stars, which rolled out throughout what was arguably — faint praise alert? — the best episode of the season, directed by franchise vet Bryce Dallas Howard. (Our full recap is coming soon, Sir Grogu!)

Mandalorian Lizzo Jack Black Christopher LloydAs Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) aimed to round up and unite Mandalorians from all walks of ways, she and Din (Pedro Pascla, at least some of the time) were led to Plazir-15, a democratic planet whose elected leaders were played by Jack Black (as Captain Bombardier) and Lizzo (as the Duchess).

There, Bo and Din were enlisted to solve a droid problem, and that led them to Commissioner Hellgate, the planet’s head of security — played by Back to the Future‘s Christopher Lloyd, in Level 8 Exasperation Mode.

Mandalorian Christopher Lloyd 3x06One other on-camera guest star was comedian Jen Kober (whose TV credits include Treme and Diary of a Future President), as the doctor/technician who helps Bo and Din solve their droid mystery.

The episode’s stealthy voice cast, meanwhile, included Christine Adams (Black Lightning, Agents of SHIELD) as Captain Shuggoth, a Quarren who was wanted for abducting a Mon Calamari prince (voiced by Harry “Tom’s Younger Brother” Holland) with whom she apparently was having a forbidden, Romeo & Juliet-like love affair.

Additionally, Fringe vet Seth Gabel voiced the bartender at The Resistor, the droid bar where Bo and Din sought answers about a “recertified” battle droid they had encountered.

Which guest star were you most delighted to see?