Survivor Recap: Not Everyone Can Be Bob Crowley — Plus, Whose Adventure Was Abruptly Cut Short?

Survivor 44 Recap Episode 5

Wednesday’s Survivor episode is titled “The Third Turd,” and we’ll give you just one guess as to which castaway coined that phrase.

Yes, Carolyn was all sorts of feisty when she returned from Tribal Council, explaining to Yam Yam that the reason Sarah had to go was because she was tired of feeling like Tika’s last turd. And with the tribe down to just three players, tensions were thick, as Carolyn and Yam Yam’s relationship seemed ruined, giving Josh an inside line at becoming the swing vote.

The edit spends a lot of time over at Tika beach, and this time, it wasn’t a red herring. Tika loses this week’s immunity challenge putting its three members back on the chopping block. Josh, meanwhile, tries to create a fake idol (keyword: “tries”), but Yam Yam almost immediately recognizes that the beads are from tree mail. Carolyn also notes that the letter he shows them is the exact same letter he let her read before the last Tribal. Things aren’t looking good, and that was before the fake idol fell to pieces in Yam Yam’s hands. Can’t blame a guy for trying, but fake idols are an art, and not everyone can be Bob Crowley. (I’d like to say “A for effort,” Josh, but it’s more like a C-. But hey, at least it wasn’t “a f–king stick.”)

Survivor 44 Recap Episode 5After the immunity challenge, medical takes a look at Matthew’s shoulder and the guy is in some serious pain. The on-site doctor thinks he has a large tear in his shoulder, and since he’s only eating about 100-200 calories a day, everyone is worried about his body’s ability to heal itself. Matthew winces and cries through a difficult conversation with Jeff, and you can’t help but feel for the guy. Not only has he been training for years for his time on Fiji, but it’s never fun to see someone’s dream get crushed, even if it was from his own stupidity.

But the inevitable eventually happens, and Jeff takes a boat to Tika to tell them they’re all off the hook. Matthew decides to leave the game, which means that night’s Tribal Council is cancelled. And with previews showing next week to be the “earn the merge” episode, it’s safe to say the three members of Tika can all breathe a sigh of relief… well, except for maybe Carolyn, who tells Josh to his face that she wanted to vote him out.

So we were robbed of a Tribal Council this week, but here are a few other highlights worth noting from Episode 5:

* Carson’s social game deserves some kudos. Not only was he swapped to a brand new tribe, but he’s made some serious inroads with many members of Ratu. If he successfully makes the merge, he’s going to have a lot of allies and a lot of options to consider. He seems like a smart kid who can hopefully go far with a couple well-timed moves.

Survivor 44 Recap Episode 5* Carolyn goes on a journey with Brandon and Danny, and as they all nosh on lunch, the two guys act as if she’s not even there. Their intention is to start a meathead alliance, and while I do think Danny’s proven he has some smarts, it wasn’t so hot to discredit Carolyn like that. Not only is she now sticking around, but she can tell eeeveryone about their plans to link up post-merge, which could make Danny and Brandon public enemies No. 1 and 2. And if we know just one thing about Carolyn, it’s that she loves to capitalize on being underestimated.

* Although Yam Yam and Josh likely would’ve been trying to slit each other’s throats had they gone to Tribal, the two share their coming out stories with each other in what was a very touching moment. Hearing about Yam Yam’s struggle to achieve self-love was sad to hear, plus, Josh’s multiple near-death experiences with his health was also very sobering. While Matthew’s fate remains unfortunate, the lack of Tribal Council this week gave the show more runtime to tell the castaways’ stories, and storytelling like this is what Survivor does best.

That’s a wrap for now! Were you sad to see Matthew’s adventure cut short? Any predictions for next week’s big merge(-ish) episode? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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