9-1-1: Lone Star Gives Owen a New Love Interest, Puts [Spoiler] in the Hospital

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 10 Pearce

An old enemy and a new flame entered the 126’s orbit on Tuesday’s 9-1-1: Lone Star, with neither encounter ending as expected.

Let’s start with that old enemy: Thanks to the city’s new partnership with Paragon, we saw a whole lot of Pearce (aka the handsomest man alive) this week, and while I’m always down to look at Andy Favreau’s face, Tommy was less excited to keep running into the “rat bastard” at every call.

With an assist from Grace, who definitely could have gotten fired for helping them, the 126 was able to beat Paragon to a call about a man whose loosened catheter painted the inside of a bus red. But when the patient required an immediate transfusion, Tommy turned to Pearce’s team, knowing that Paragon travels with a supply of blood. The 126 was impressed with how efficiently the private paramedics operated, but any good will towards them was immediately squashed by Pearce’s parting words to Tommy: “It takes a lot of grace to admit you’re second best.” (Come to think of it, “rat bastard” was probably too kind.)

Tommy and Pearce’s teams met again at a perfume factory, where someone reported a possible toxic leak. Despite it being a false alarm, Paragon still tried to bring one of the workers to the hospital, prompting Tommy to call Pearce a “profiteering sociopath.” Was she out of line? Perhaps. But her outburst became irrelevant when one of Paragon’s ambulances suddenly exploded with Pearce inside. Tommy had to think on her feet and take some major risks, but she and Nancy managed to save Pearce’s life.

And it’s a good thing they did! Pearce has decided to sue Paragon for everything it’s worth; apparently he had complained multiple times about the company’s shoddy, secondhand equipment multiple times, proving Paragon’s negligence.

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 10 KendraTurning our attention to that “new flame” I mentioned earlier, Owen hit it off with a gorgeous bartender named Kendra (played by Michaela McManus) during the firehouse’s charity fundraiser, only to discover that she’s less of a bartender and more of a billionaire heiress.

Kendra’s insistence on cutting Owen enormous checks (one for $100,000!) after sex had him feeling like a gigolo, but when he accused her of living out some rich girl/firefighter fantasy, she explained that she lost her brother to lung cancer when he was just 40 years old, hence her charitable nature.

OK, let’s talk: Are you on #TeamPearce now after the way everything unfolded with Paragon? And how many more episodes do we give Kendra before Owen finds some way to screw up that relationship? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode below.

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