Gotham Knights Recap: Talon's Claws Come Out — Plus, Who Has a Secret?

Gotham Knights Recap 1x02

With its second outing, The CW’s Gotham Knights deepened its central mystery, strengthened its core dynamics, and ended on a terrifying run-in with the murderous Talon.

In “Scene of the Crime,” while Harvey and the police impound the contents of the Bat-cave, Turner and the others stock up on “necessities” at a department store. Turner insists that these are just “loans,” a notion Duela immediately rejects. But before the argument can get too heated, police sirens force the group out of the store and into a nearby alley, where Carrie Kelly confronts them in her Robin get-up. [Cue the opening title card.]

Elsewhere in Gotham, Mayor Hamilton Hill assembles a task force to track down Turner & Co. Stephanie reveals her involvement in Turner’s misadventures to Brody, who warns her that she is probably already in serious trouble and that aligning with Turner can only end badly. She brushes him off and heads for a secret attic at Gotham Academy, where Turner is harboring Harper, Cullen and Duela 00 a ramshackle base of operations, if you will. Stephanie meets the fugitives (sans Turner, of course) for the first time, and these introductions reveal that Stephanie’s father is Arthur Brown, a local quiz show host (and DC supervillain Cluemaster, but the show hasn’t made it clear that’s where it’s headed with him yet).

Harvey’s attempts to call Detective Ford lead him to discover the severed heads of Ford and his men, which had been shipped to the GCPD in nondescript boxes. News of this latest string of murders rips through Gotham and prompts Turner to concoct a ballsy plan: infiltrate Wayne Tower using Bruce’s private elevator and search his father’s journals for clues about the Court of Owls.

After an angry back-and-forth with Mayor Hill, Harvey asks the police to find out whom Turner called while he was in custody. Their search is brief, and Stephanie is promptly arrested and whisked away for interrogation. Brody, fearful for Stephanie, takes the blame for her and uses his wealthy dad’s connections to soften the legal blow of his confession. Both leave police custody without further incident.

Gotham KnightsTurner and Carrie break into Bruce’s office to retrieve his journals while Duela, Harper and Cullen wait in the Wayne Tower garage. Down in the garage, Duela, ever the duplicitous schemer, suggests they sell the Court of Owls watch they nicked from Ford last episode so they can leave Gotham. Cullen refuses to abandon Turner and Carrie, and convinces Harper to stick around too.

Turner and Carrie discover that the Court has been hunting and killing members of the Wayne family for years, and that Bruce’s great-grandfather, Alan Wayne, dedicated most of his life to trying to prove the Court’s existence.  Before they can make sense of any of this, they are confronted by the Talon, who immediately attacks them and forces them to run. Harper and Cullen, communicating with Turner via earpiece, rush in to help, while Duela escapes in their getaway car.

Using Carrie’s Robin gear, Turner and the others narrowly escape Wayne Tower while Duela meets with a buyer to discuss the Court of Owls watch. The Talon arrives, kills the buyer, and prepares to murder Duela before Turner & Co. swoop in and save her. As a fierce battle ensues, the Talon injures Turner and gains the upper hand, but Carrie stops him with an exploding arrow. Impossibly, the Talon survives the attack. Duela thanks Turner for saving her and for proving her wrong about no one being trustworthy. Turner then notices that several pages are missing from the journal….

Meanwhile, Cressida meets with Mayor Hill, who is revealed to be in cahoots with the Court as well. She promises to keep him in office as long as he’s loyal to the Court. And the episode closes on the reveal that it is Carrie who has the missing pages from Bruce’s journal, suggesting she knows far more than she has divulged.

What did you think of Gotham Knights Episode 2? Will you stay tuned?