9-1-1 EP Teases the Return of an 'Unexpected Person' by Season's End

911 Season 6 Spoilers

Calling all 9-1-1 historians, we’ve got a mystery to solve.

Executive producer Kristen Reidel tells TVLine that a familiar face is poised to return in the Fox procedural’s sixth season finale, which is currently titled “Pay It Forward.”

“This is a spoiler for way in the future,” she teases. “We will see someone in the finale that we met many seasons ago, and this unexpected person will return in a way that I think is kind of cool.”

Reidel only offers one other clue, and it’s probably going to disappoint some of you, but here it is: “I will clarify that the character is not Abby.” (For the record, I’m actually relieved. Where Connie Britton’s character goes, train wrecks — both literal and metaphorical — tend to follow.)

In more concrete 9-1-1 news, the back half of Season 6 will also welcome back Anirudh Pisharody as Ravi Panikkar (aka Probie), not seen since last season’s finale.

“He’s been away doing some cool stuff,” Reidel says of the character. “We’ll see him again and get him back on the winning team for a bit.”

OK, let’s play detective: Which familiar faces are you expecting — or at least hoping — to see again this season? Drop a comment with your best guesses and wishes below.

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