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The Flash Recap: Iris Is Pregnant! — Plus, Javicia Leslie Talks About [Spoiler]'s Battle With Red Death

Flash Iris Pregnant

This Tuesday night, The Flash — and with eight final episodes to spare — at long last delivered on a key part of #WestAllen’s destiny, with the reveal that Iris is pregnant.

Fans probably envisioned the lonnnnng-awaited pregnancy news being delivered a bit (OK, a lot) differently. Like, Iris finds out on her own, then shares it with the hubs. Instead, the big moment arrived during a Team Flash & Family get-together at Joe and Cecile’s house, after Red Death had been bested and locked up at ARGUS. (More on that in a sec.)

The gang was gathered to bid farewell to Joe, who is moving to Jesse L. Martin’s new NBC show/the countryside with Jenna (Cecile will be with the family on weekends, though!), when Iris started feeling light-headed. Khione (aka NotFrost/NotCaitlin) then plainly observed, “You’re pregnant” — because “kissing” Mark back to life and intuiting health conditions are, apparently, powers she has…? Anyhow, Iris, Barry et all took Khione’s observation as scientific fact, and began celebrating.

Oh, amid the same family-friendly gathering, Allegra told Chester that their weeks-ago kiss was the best she’s ever had, ever, so they lunged into a second one — in front of everyone. (Iris, for one, wondered why their hook-up took so long.)

Flash Red Death vs Batwoman

“It was a lot of material,” Javicia Leslie says of her Red Death suit. “It was a lot going on.”

Rewinding now a bit…. The bulk of the episode “The Mask of the Red Death, Part Two” revolved around Ryan Wilder’s doppelgänger and her evil back-up plan, since the cosmic treadmill has been destroyed. She decides to mete out justice on this Earth by stationing psychically created avatars of her self all over the world. To pull off this trick, she reveals that she got Grodd, the hyper-intelligent telepathic gorilla, to ally with her and supercharge her powers. (tl;dr “Crisis” had displaced and separated Grodd and his kind, so he was happy to betray The Flash.) Barry, though, located Grodd and convinced him to be a hero again, to help save the world. Grodd agreed — and what’s more, he gave Barry’s sapped superspeed a supercharge, allowing him to face off again against Red Death.

And face off they did. Flash and Red Death sped all around town, trading punches and lightning and what not. But when Red Death gained the upper hand and sent Flash crashing, who showed up to stop the bat-speedster in her tracks but… the real Ryan Wilder, our Ryan Wilder, the hero of TV’s Batwoman!

Javicia Leslie, who played Red Death, was in on the dual role all along.

From go, “I knew there was going to be a journey,” the Batwoman alum tells TVLine. In the end, “I knew it was going to be Good Ryan versus Bad Ryan.”

Not that Leslie sees that much of a difference between her original caped crusader and the self-described “Nuts!” one from another Earth.

“When I’m playing Bad Ryan, there is so much darkness that I allow to be the driving force,” the actress explains, “but in truth, I think the only difference between Good Ryan and Bad Ryan is that Bad Ryan was trying to do something good, and when she failed she went dark. But when I play Good Ryan, I get to lean back into the light, and I love that.”

Leslie goes on to effuse that “it was fun to be able to be Ryan amongst the cast — Candace [Patton], Grant [Gustin] and everyone,” whom she previously worked with in The Flash’s Season 8 “Armageddon” arc. “And obviously, this was very cathartic, too. It felt good to suit back up [as Batwoman] at least one more time.”

Best TV Couples Of 2021Before bidding Team Flash at STAR Labs adieu, Ryan invited Iris to meet up sometime for mimosas, with her, Alex, Kara and Nia — three characters from sister series Supergirl. The absence of the name Sophie from that invite, as in the Crows Security commander Ryan was dating when Batwoman ended, should not concern any ‘shippers, however.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Leslie makes clear, explaining: “It was a bunch of superheroes that I was asking her to meet up with.”

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