Riverdale Final Season Trailer: Archie and the Gang Are in a 1950s Time Warp, and You Won't Believe Who's Paired Up

Riverdale is sock-hopping its way back to the 1950s for its final season… and Archie and his pals aren’t just wearing different clothes.

The CW has released a trailer for Season 7 — which you can watch above — and in it, we get our first good look at the aftermath of last season’s finale, when the gang’s climactic battle with Percival and a deadly comet somehow catapulted them back through time to the year 1955 and put them back in high school again. Jughead is the only one who remembers their former lives, but he has a hard time convincing his friends they’re actually from the future. (To be fair, it does sound a little nutty when he says it out loud.)

Archie isn’t all that interested in going anywhere: “We’re juniors in high school. Life’s good.” He and the others do seem happy, although the romantic pairings are a little surprising: Betty is dating Kevin (!), even though he’s still exchanging longing looks with men over her shoulder, and Archie is getting married to… Cheryl?! Plus, Veronica is now a glamorous Hollywood celebrity, Toni does a sexy interpretive dance that gets Cheryl’s motor running — and we think we saw Jughead kissing Veronica?

But this is Riverdale after all, so of course there’s a bit of bloodshed, with Archie strapped to a table as someone approaches menacingly with a power saw. Looks awesome… or, as Jughead corrects himself: “Swell.”

Riverdale‘s final season kicks off Wednesday, March 29 at 9/8c. Get a sneak peek above, and then grab a booth in the comments below to give us your first impressions. 

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