The Traitors Players Clash in Reunion Teaser: 'You Got Outplayed' — Watch

The Season 1 cast of The Traitors is getting back together — and there are definitely some hurt feelings to smooth over.

Peacock has released a teaser for the upcoming reunion of the fiendishly devious reality competition (debuting this Tuesday on the streamer), and in it, players are clearly still reeling from Cirie’s shocking blindsiding of Andie and Quentin to take home all of the prize money for herself as the lone remaining traitor. Rachel has no sympathy for the runners-up: “You weren’t a victim. You got outplayed.” But Quentin is firm: “I felt like Cirie stabbed me in the back.” (And Bravo staple Andy Cohen is kind of the perfect host for this reunion, right? He has plenty of experience with lying and backstabbing.)

Plus, Andy dings Christian for mangling Geraldine’s name and forces Kate to say something nice about Rachel’s personal style. (“It’s so enthusiastic!” Kate offers.) Cirie does get a chance to defend herself as well… although we’ll have to wait to see how she spins this. And we sure hope the delightful Alan Cumming does more than just make a cameo!

Press PLAY above for a first look at the Traitors reunion, and hit the comments to spill all your thoughts on Season 1.