Alert: Missing Persons Unit Sneak Peek: Abducted Nikki Confronts Keith's Kidnapper in 'Harrowing' Finale

In the season finale of Fox’s Alert: Missing Persons Unit, the search for the person who abducted not just Keith, but several other young boys, leads to Nikki herself getting taken, as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

When last we tuned into the freshman drama, the realization that the body found in the lake belonged to a boy who had bone cancer effectively proved that Keith (played by Graham Verchere) is who he says he is, ending years of angst for parents Nikki and Jason (Dania Ramirez and Scott Caan), but also Sidney (Fivel Stewart), who had kept secret her belief that her brother died after falling through ice.

Heading into Monday night’s two-hour season finale, the search is now on for Max, a boy that Keith says had been held captive in the room next to his. Finding Max would in turn hopefully lead them to the woman who took Keith… and Max… and others, as part of a vicious, ongoing abduction spree.

But as revealed in promos for the season finale, Nikki herself winds up on the “Missing” alert!

“Of all the missing persons that we have had, the fact that at the end the missing person is Nikki results in the most emotional, harrowing and painful case that Jason, Mike and the others will face this season,” executive producer John Eisendrath tells TVLine.

And it all builds to a season-ending climax that will leave viewers feeling “relieved and satisfied,” but one that is also “bittersweet,” Eisendrath teases.

Press play above to see what Nikki has to say for the woman responsible for the abduction of so many young boys.