Swarm Trailer: An Obsessed Superfan Goes on a Killing Spree in Amazon's Horror Thriller From Donald Glover

Being a dedicated fan of a pop star can be murder these days.

Prime Video has released the official trailer for Swarm, a new horror thriller co-created and executive-produced by Emmy winner Donald Glover (Atlanta). In the trailer — which you can watch above — The Deuce‘s Dominique Fishback stars as Dre, a obsessively devoted fan of a Beyoncé-like music superstar named Ni’Jah. “She knows what we’re thinking, and she gives it a name,” Dre raves. “She’s a goddess.” But after some hard times — including what looks like the death of her sister, played by Chloe Bailey — Dre goes to a very dark place… and blood starts to flow.

We see Dre handling a gun and mopping up blood stains as she makes her way across the country, dead-set on meeting her idol and leaving a trail of bodies in her wake. And when a woman dares to say she likes Ni’Jah’s sister better than her… well, pray for her.

Glover serves as co-creator and executive producer on Swarm, along with Janine Nabers, who serves as showrunner and worked with Glover on Atlanta along with credits on Watchmen and UnREAL. Glover will also direct the pilot. Swarm premieres Friday, March 17 on Prime Video, with all episodes dropping at once.

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Swarm, and give us your take on all the buzz in the comments.

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