Drag Race Gives One Queen a Reality Check in Episode 9, While [Spoiler] Emerges as Season 15's Clear Winner

Drag Race Season 15 Episode 9

It’s appropriate that RuPaul threw the Crystal Ball for Friday’s 200th episode of Drag Race, because this week’s results doubled as a look into the future.

Drag Race Season 15 Episode 9That’s how I see it, anyway. Sasha Colby was the belle of Season 15’s ball, showcasing her personal style and versatility with three incredible looks. First, she was the only queen to truly reinvent Ru’s iconic jumpsuit, reimagining it as a slinky, midriff-baring gown. And that weed-themed “dime bag” dress was so fantastically camp, it gave me a contact high.

I also loved Sasha’s third look, though I must acknowledge the true winner of that particular category: Anetra, who also won this week’s mini challenge. That jaw-dropping, form-fitting gown was “how dare you?!” levels of perfection. That Anetra managed to put it together in such a short amount of time proves she is, in fact, a witch.

As far as I’m concerned, this week’s Top 3 — Sasha (who won!), Anetra and Mistress Isabelle Brooks — deserve to make it to the finale in that specific order. The results of tonight’s ball sealed this for me, but the idea first took shape last week when Sasha and Anetra blessed us with that incredible lip sync. Which other pair of queens would make for a more thrilling final face-off in the finale? (Hint: none.)

The only question I have now is: Which fourth queen belongs in that list of finale frontrunners? I’m sure Loosey LaDuca considers herself worthy (if not deserving), but I’m not sure. Perhaps landing in the Bottom 3 this week will be enough of a humbling experience to slap the drag delusion right out of her. Luxx Noir London also feels like a worthy competitor for that fourth slot.

As for this week’s elimination, I have no complaints. Salina EsTitties’ performance in the challenge was underwhelming, and Spice was already competing on borrowed time after being saved by Anetra last week. (#JusticeForJax!) Salina’s impressive theatrics aside, Spice’s fate was sealed the moment Ru realized she didn’t know the words to Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want.”

OK, let’s talk. What did you think of this week’s results? And which queen is your personal frontrunner? Weigh in via the poll below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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