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Wolf Pack's Sarah Michelle Gellar on the Huge Kristin Reveal in Episode 5: 'I Promise That's Only One of the Twists'

Wolf Pack Episode 5 Ending Explained

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s slow-burn character on Wolf Pack is finally beginning to spark.

The Paramount+ drama’s fifth episode, now streaming, ends with a shocking twist for allegedly clueless arson investigator Kristin Ramsey, who reveals herself to be quite knowledgable on the topic of lycanthropes.

Not only is she completely unfazed upon discovering the corpses amassed by the show’s mysterious giant beast, but when her colleague wonders aloud who put them down there, Kristin casually replies, “An incredibly powerful supernatural creature. Part human, part wolf. A werewolf.” She then hits the poor guy over the head, sending him tumbling into the pile of bodies below.

Given that the beast is busy attacking the show’s teenagers during this scene, it’s fair to rule out Kristin and the creature as being one and the same. But there’s definitely a connection there, one Gellar is thrilled for fans to finally discover.

“I think that everyone watching knows there’s a reason I’m here — no one’s like, she’s just here to be the arson investigator,” Gellar told TVLine at SCAD TVFest. “I appreciate everyone hanging on, but I promise that’s only just one of the twists. It doesn’t end there. Filming that was so much fun. Even the crew was like, wait, what’s happening?”

The apparent darkness within Kristin is part, if not all, of what attracted Gellar to this role in the first place.

“When you figure out why I’m really there, it it all makes sense,” she said. “That’s what’s really fun about the show. I was on a panel last week with M. Night [Shyamalan], and I was talking about how I always use The Sixth Sense as a reference for this show. In episode eight, you’ll see scenes from the beginning through the middle [of the season], but you’ll see the extended version, and you’ll see what was actually happening. It’s really cool and worth the wait.”

Did you suspect that there was more to SMG’s Kristin than meets the eye? And now that you know about her dark side, what other theories are you cooking up about the not-so-clueless investigator? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.