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Star Trek: Picard Stars Break Down That Huge Twist and Why It's 'Shockingly Important' for Jean-Luc — Watch Video

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Thursday’s episode of Star Trek: Picard.

Jean-Luc Picard has been pining for a new adventure, and now he has one: fatherhood.

This week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard confirmed what we suspected: Beverly’s son Jack Crusher (played by Downton Abbey and Outlander alum Ed Speleers)… is also Jean-Luc’s son. (Jean-Luc needed only to lock eyes with Beverly to know the truth.) It’s a “shockingly important” development for Jean-Luc, Patrick Stewart tells TVLine in the video above — so shocking, in fact, that it made Stewart knock over a water bottle while talking with us. “He has no family,” Stewart explains. “He had, let’s be frank, an intimate relationship with Beverly Crusher. We don’t know how intimate, but they had feelings about each other at one time.”

Gates McFadden, who plays Beverly, chimes in to offer: “I have Beverly’s diary, so if you ever really want to know what happened between them, I’ve got it all.” (Um, yes, please!) She notes, though, that Beverly was put “in a tricky spot” because Jack “chooses not to engage with his father initially, and I feel that she had instincts that kept her away from him because she was worried about the danger… She sensed there was danger and they were being hunted, and some part of her really was worried about: Can she protect this child?”

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 2 Jack Crusher Jean-Luc SonAs for Jack and his prickly reaction to meeting Jean-Luc, Speleers admits “there’s an element of a thick-skin facade being put up there. I feel that he wants to portray that it’s resentment, but deep down, he has been longing for some understanding and some connection. He’s just deeply hurt and angry, and no one wants to stay that way. So he wants to find a way to rectify that, but he finds it incredibly difficult to confront it with a man that represents everything that he can’t stand.”

Jack’s relationship with Beverly is “very strong,” Speleers adds: “She’s protected him from the world of Starfleet and what that signifies. However, she’s also allowed him great space to become his own individual, his own entity.” The actor calls Jack and Jean-Luc’s relationship “a work in progress,” but he does think they can eventually find common ground: “Although they’re on different paths and different elements of the law, they do share some commonalities. Their forthrightness, and their desire to get things right for the benefit of other people, I think, is definitely something they share.”

How’d you like that twist, Trekkies? Beam down to the comments to share your thoughts on Season 3 so far.

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