Bel-Air Season 2 Premiere Recap: Will's New Mentor Seems Shady — Grade It!

Remember when Will stormed out on Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv because they lied to him about his father Lou being in prison? Well, the Philly native still hadn’t forgiven them in Bel-Air’s Season 2 premiere, which dropped Thursday on Peacock.

Will had been living with his friend Jazz in South LA, where he felt right at home. He also had his eyes set on joining a basketball league that could send him to the NBA.

Elsewhere, Carlton dealt with the whole lacrosse team turning against him after breaking Connor’s arm last season. He was even called out for not attending Black Student Union meetings after they helped him get elected to class president. But Carlton felt that they were mostly focused on complaints and not actionable solutions. That turned the tide, and he was invited to share more of his suggestions at the next meeting.

Bel-Air Season 2

Aunt Viv had big ideas for her fellowship, Hilary struggled with Ivy (played by Karrueche Tran) trying to take over the influencer house, and Ashley received book suggestions on the Black Panthers from her teacher Mrs. Hughes (guest star Tatiana Ali).

Ashley’s swanky 13th birthday party was set aboard a yacht, and almost everyone was gearing up to attend. Jazz wanted to go with Hilary, but she felt that was too public and she wasn’t ready for everyone to be all up in her business. Will, meanwhile, planned to skip the festivities since he was still at odds with Phil.

After both Carlton and Geoffrey urged him to make amends, Will eventually changed his mind about the party. But first, he dropped by Doc’s basketball game for a shot at joining the league. While he impressed the others on the court, Doc felt that he wasn’t a right fit.

Ashley’s party set the stage for several developments: Hilary finally went public with Jazz, Uncle Phil and Will reconciled, and the birthday girl was surprised with an appearance by Saweetie. Will even apologized to Lisa for lying, but said they needed to take a break while he figured some things out for himself.

In the end, Will moved back in with the Banks family. Plus, Hilary introduced Jazz to her parents as her boyfriend, and Doc planned to check out Will’s next game. Unbeknownst to Will, though, Doc only gave him a second chance after learning that he’s related to Phil.

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