The Flash Gives Update on Batwoman, Unmasks Red Death With an Epic Line

Javicia Leslie in Batwoman Season 3

The following contains spoilers from the Feb. 22 episode of The CW’s The Flash.

The Flash this Wednesday night offered an update on Gotham City’s own costumed crimefighter, before revealing who’s inside the Red Death suit in perfectly batty fashion.

This week’s episode was set in motion by Barry realizing that Captain Boomerang, The Fiddler and now Murmur have been stealing for their mysterious benefactor the components needed to build a cosmic treadmill — which, if abused/misused, could wreck the space-time continuum and all that.

One final component is needed, though — a vibration thingamajig, and there is only one in existence, (conveniently!) down the road inside a DoD facility. And since The Flash is no great friend of General Isling, Bar decides on a different approach to safeguarding the gizmo, by stealing it first. To that end, he recruits Gold Face, Jocko and a verrrrry reluctant Chillblaine to join him and the Pied Piper in pinching the tech. And yes, “The Chemist” eventually must concede to the in-the-dark frenemies that he is in fact The Flash.

Flash 9x03Anywho… the whole heist goes sideways when Red Death’s minions show up and go toe-to-toe with each of Barry’s rogues, and Chillblaime (re?)turns heel, having brokered a deal with the baddies to get Frost back. When the two sides ready to square off again in the parking lot outside, Red Death speeds onto the scene to break it up, grab the vibration whatchamacallit and give The Flash a warning.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry updates the team on their new foe — namely, the bat symbol on their suit. Chester at this point was already confabbing with Team Bat’s Luke Fox, after the boomerang tech was traced back to some bleeding-edge Wayne Industries tech. Chester reports that, per Luke, Batwoman aka Ryan Wilder went missing weeks ago, while out on a call….

Flash Red Death RyanCut to: Red Death getting in Chillblaine’s face, after he plotted to take the vibration doohickey for himself. Chillblaine asked how they can work alongside someone whose face they haven’t even seen, at which point Red Death pulled off their helmet to reveal — no surprise, but still fun — that she is Ryan Wilder. Or at least a dead ringer!

And the bat-speedster’s first words to Chillblaine?

I am vengeance.”

What did you think of Red Death’s unmasking?

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