Survivor to Launch Its First Official Podcast With Jeff Probst as Host

Survivor 43

On most Survivor seasons, once the torches are snuffed, the story is over. Until now.

On Wednesday, March 1 (after CBS’ two-hour Season 44 premiere at 8/7c), Host-master General Jeff Probst will launch On Fire With Jeff Probst, the show’s first-ever official podcast, on all major podcast platforms. New episodes will go live each Wednesday following the conclusion of that week’s broadcast.

“I’m very excited to share that, for the first time in 22 years, we’re doing an official Survivor podcast,” said host, showrunner and executive producer Probst. “We’re going to go inside the making of Survivor from the producers’ point of view [for] the how we do ,what we do and the why. I think of it like a companion piece to the show. It’s something we’ve thought about doing in years past, but this season is so good, it just felt like the perfect time.”

Joining Probst on the pod will be Survivor producer Brittany Crapper and podcast producer Jay Wolff, as they take fans behind the scenes of the latest episode and share some of the secrets of how they make the show. In addition, Probst will answer audience questions and take part in a fan segment called “Why Jeff Sucks.” (As if we weren’t already intrigued!)

“Our hope is that our fans will feel a deeper connection to the show because we’re going to use each episode as a jumping off point to take you inside the art department or the casting process,” Probst elaborated in a promo video. “How do we put somebody on the show? Or how do we come up with our ideas? And why so many idols, Probst?! Those kinds of things.”

Are you excited for this in-depth look into Season 44? Let us know if you’ll be listening by dropping a comment below.

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