Evangeline Lilly Says She 'Wasn't Very Good' in Early Lost Seasons — Is She Being Too Hard on Herself?

Evangeline Lilly has us revisiting some of her early Lost scenes and wondering: Was she merely acting stranded and afraid, or was she actually stranded and afraid?

During the latest episode of the podcast Happy Sad Confused, Lilly said that watching early seasons of Lost still make her “cringe because I’m not very good.”

“We would have Lost parties where the cast would get together and watch the show, and when it would be a Kate-centric episode I would want to curl up in a hole and die because I knew I was bad,” the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actress said.

Lilly starred in the ABC sci-fi series during its six season run between 2004-2010. The actress said that it wasn’t until Season 3 that she ditched her “panic, just figure it out, shoot from the hip” approach and began to “actually learn my craft.”

Well now we’re rethinking it all. We’re scouring her old clips, like when she meets Jack in Season 1 (watch above) trying to decipher: Was she bad? When Jack asks her if she’s ever patched a pair of jeans, she pauses before answering, “I um…I made the drapes in my apartment.” Do we believe her?

And later, when we witness Kate rob a bank (watch below), are we on the edge of our seats or crawling into a hole cringing?

You be the judge. Is Lilly right about her early Lost days, or is she being too hard on herself? Let us know in the comments.

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