Wes Bentley Sounds Off on Yellowstone Feud: 'If You Think This Has a Happy Ending, You're Not Paying Attention'

Yellowstone fans thinking that cooler heads might ultimately prevail can go ahead and think again. Jamie is as likely to make peace with his adoptive father and sister as a horse is to fly.

“Kelly [Reilly] and I have always had this sort of secret hope that there would be some reconciliation, some love reconnection [between Beth and Jamie], or at least [some circumstance in which] they worked together in some way,” Wes Bentley told TVLine at the recent SCAD TVFest. But when they’ve mentioned the idea to series-co-creator Taylor Sheridan, “he’s just like ‘No, no, no. Hate, hate, hate.’ So I think that is kind of an indication of how this all wraps up maybe.”

Bentley was quick to note that “I don’t know anything.” However, given that the midseason finale left off with Jamie OK’ing lovergirl Sarah to order a hit on John and Beth, who in turn were plotting to hasten his demise, one needn’t have read future scripts to guess that the feud isn’t going to be resolved by a group hug. “I can’t imagine it ending like that,” Bentley said. “It’s sort of like that quote George [R.R.] Martin gave about Game of Thrones: ‘If you think this has a happy ending, you’re not paying attention.’”

Should Jamie be the one to meet his maker, Beth would live, sure — but she also might live to regret it. Shrewd as he is, Jamie could leave an “Open in case of my death” letter directing the authorities to “the train station” and enough dead bodies to send not only John but Beth’s husband Rip to prison for all eternity. Does Bentley suspect that Jamie might have considered that little bit of life insurance? “Absolutely,” he said. “Jamie’s a critical thinker, and critical thinkers are steps ahead.”

Ironically, it was Beth who pointed out the loaded weapon in Jamie’s hand. “He didn’t know for sure if he [had something on John until] he realized she truly didn’t even know about the train station. That’s a boon to his strategizing. He’s like, ‘This is what I needed.’” (With reporting by Kim Roots)

Who, if anyone, do you think will become a casualty of the John/Beth-vs.-Jamie war? Hit the comments with your answers.

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