Is Wolf Pack's Kristin Finally Ready to Accept the Truth About Werewolves? Watch Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Kristin Ramsey has taken a hard no-supernatural stance in her investigation of the California wildfire thus far, but it kind of feels like that’s starting to change. Baby steps, people.

As much as Wolf Pack fans were hoping that Sarah Michelle Gellar would go fully Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this Paramount+ series, the actress herself told TVLine not to expect anything wild right off the bat.

“It might not be obvious in the first three [episodes], but by the time you get to four and five you’re going to get some twists,” SMG told us prior to the show’s premiere. “In [episode] eight, you’ll get the me you came to see. You’ve got to wait, but it’s worth the wait. … The main thing for them to know is that it’s a little bit of a slow burn with me, and to trust that there’s a reason I’m on this show.”

Well, here we are in Episode 4. So let the twists begin.

Appropriately titled “Fear and Pain,” this episode finds Garrett joining Ramsey’s Arson Task Force, “hoping to stay ahead of the investigation and protect his children’s secret,” according to the official logline. Meanwhile, “Blake tries to protect Danny from a monstrous encounter.”

Your thoughts on Wolf Pack so far? Any hopes or predictions for the remaining episodes? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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