9-1-1: Lone Star Puts #Tarlos Through Hell on Valentine's Day, Before Teasing an Explosive Crisis on the Horizon

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 4

Despite Carlos spending the hour bound and gagged in a serial killer’s kitchen, Tuesday’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star was strangely romantic.

Perhaps it’s because few things are more compelling than watching two halves of a beloved TV couple fighting their way back to one another when separated by unspeakable means.

Or maybe it’s because Carlos (at least temporarily) freed himself after bonding with his captor’s mother over how much love he has for T.K. When he told her that his love for T.K. must come from Gwen because he doesn’t know where else that much love could possibly come from? Come on now. Who even has the wherewithal to be that romantic in the face of certain doom? Officer Carlos Reyes, that’s who.

T.K. and Carlos’ long-awaited reunion at the end of the hour was so beautiful, I half-expected it to end with a proposal — and then I remembered that they’re already engaged. A win for us all!

Now if only they could figure out that Iris situation…

Elsewhere this week, Owen outed himself as the Honor Dogs’ rat when the group began to suspect Sgt. O’Brien of being an informant, causing the FBI to essentially freeze them both out of any future operations. The feds claim to have the situation under control, but judging by that chilling final shot of someone using the missing ammonium nitrate to build an explosive device, it’s pretty clear that they don’t.

Did you enjoy spending Valentine’s Day with the 126? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Tuesday’s episode below.

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