SNL: A Giddy Pedro Pascal Breaks Character Multiple Times — WATCH

Pedro Pascal hosted Saturday Night Live with a case of the giggles. The actor broke character multiple times in what marked a charming SNL debut.

In one skit, Pascal and friends gather at an upscale restaurant to celebrate a birthday. Also in attendance is the birthday girl’s sister, Lisa (Ego Nwodim), visiting from Temecula for the occasion.

The sketch, however, ultimately centers on an unlikely main character: Lisa’s “extra extra well done steak” that’s impossible to cut. Lisa saws back and forth so vigorously that her peas go flying and wine sloshes about. That’s when Pascal loses it (watch above).

Pascal laughs through his next dialogue and keeps on laughing as Lisa drops her steak, picks it up with her hands and hoists a leg up onto a chair to get more leverage for her next cut.

The actor’s laughter proved contagious as cast member Bowen Yang went on to break as well as Lisa herself.

In another skit (watch below), Pascal plays a husband who is waking up from a coma after an accident with a Party City truck.

He’s slightly confused and exhibits signs of memory loss, but what alarms his loved ones most is his completely changed voice.

“He’s talking with this L.A. mush-mouth thing. I mean, I’ve literally never heard that before,” Kenan Thompson says.

“You think I sound L.A.? Thank you, I love L.A.,” Pascal responds. He goes on to “put a pin” in the conversation when his wife and sister try to prove their identities to him.

Later, Pascal’s character’s real voice comes through just for a moment and then disappears. Pascal finally breaks upon returning to the “L.A. mush-mouth” voice.

Let us know in the comments: What did you think of Pascal’s SNL debut? Watch the skits and grade the episode!

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