A Drag Race Underdog Bites Back in Episode 6, While a Frontrunner Fumbles

Drag Race Season 15 Episode 6

A background queen stepped her game up on Friday’s Drag Race, throwing down a heavy metal gauntlet as a legitimate contender for the crown.

No, we’re not talking about guest judge Meg Stalter, though we definitely wanted to spend more time with the Hacks scene stealer. (If only this show were, I don’t know, 90 minutes long? What a concept.)

The queen in question is Aura Mayari, who won over the judges — and won her first maxi challenge — with a high-powered verse in her team’s metal performance, coupled with a sickening look on this week’s tie dye-themed runway.

On the other end of the success spectrum, Anetra barely made it to safety, leaving Jax and Robin Fierce to face off to the tune of The Bangles’ “In Your Room.” (Regardless of Anetra’s placement in this week’s bottom three, she remains a frontrunner in my mind, alongside Sasha Colby, Loosey LaDuca and Luxx Noir London.)

As far as lip syncs go, Jax and Robin’s face-off isn’t likely to make anyone’s top 10 list, but it was still enjoyable. Both queens clearly want to stay in the game, but we all know the rules. Ultimately, Ru decided to keep Jax and send Robin sashaying away.

“You’re a young queen, but you’ll be fierce forever,” Ru told her as she exited the runway.

Entering the Werkroom one last time, Robin said, “I definitely wish that I could have shown a more fun side, a more relaxed side. But I am happy to have been a part of this Drag Race journey. I’m one of the legendary girls, darling!”

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