Fire Country Recap: It's Getting Hot in Here — Plus, a Big Bad Is Introduced...

Fire Country Recap 1x12 Kiss

This week on a special Sunday episode of CBS’ Fire Country, Freddy in the midst of getting big news found time to play match(re)maker, while a mysterious new threat emerged….

The catalyst for this Sunday’s post-AFC Championship game was a skywriting plane gone amok, blowing an engine or something and spiraling to the ground. The parachuted pilot was found alive and well, dangling in a tree, but his plane exploded soon after crashing, seeding multiple mountainside fires.

Manny’s Three Rock inmates teamed with Vince’s Station 42 crew to battle the blazes, with the recurring concern being a home owned by Michael “Forever the Grey’s Anatomy Shooter” O’Neil. Despite Vince’s pleas (and some unsuccessful PSYOPS by Jake and Eve), this Harlan Denbo insisted on staying put, instead charging the firefighters with safeguarding his home.

Amidst all this, Freddy learned from Sharon that his pregnant girlfriend Cookie had been en route for a visit when she went into labor yet managed to make it to the firehouse to give birth to their baby (as we had witnessed earlier).

Elsewhere, we met a new “nugget” (aka a kid of a Cal Fire alum) named Collin (played by Days of Our Lives/Y&R‘s Zach Tinker), who on his first day, in the midst of this plane crash blaze, stepped on the wrong boulder and triggered a rockfall that nearly crushed some of Manny’s crew. Gabriela took the blame, lest her fellow “nugget” not get a fair shake from go, but Collin eventually copped to the literal misstep.

Upon realizing that Gabriela and others had already seen the baby that he himself had yet to meet, Freddy broke away from the crew and started to make tracks for town, but Bode, with Gabriela watching, convinced him to do the right thing and stay put. Freddy’s persistence would pay off, when Manny later led him to the Leone homestead, where Vince and Sharon had offered to let Cookie and the newborn crash for the night — allowing the proud new dad to see and spend time with his baby girl.

Speaking of Freddy: When he wasn’t pining to see his kid, he was nudging Gaby to give Bode another chance (after Bode gave her a scare by pummeling that biker last episode). In fact, before he left to meet his daughter, Freddy firmly advised Bode to go check on his gear at the laundry — where Bode found Gabriela waiting for him. Bode pled his case, and pulled Gaby into a passionate kiss. Gabriela broke away to say that they each needed to do some work and become their best selves, and once Bode has served his time, they can unwrap the “gift” awaiting them. But… a second, hotter kiss suggested that they both are really, really inclined to unwrap things NOW, though Gaby somehow dragged herself away from that second, heated clinch.

So, Freddy is a new dad… we have movement on the #Bodiela front… Harlan’s house was engulfed in flames, but not before he got his ailing wife and later/barely himself to safety…. and Manny told Vince and Sharon that he’s going to put in some OT to get his finances in order and find himself a place. That was the happy news.

Somewhere in between, the question of who Sharon will receive a donated kidney from got complicated, seeing as Bode is a match and is willing (but Sharon is reluctant to accept his offer), while Jake claimed he is not a match but actually IS.

And on the decidedly bad news front? A closing sequence revealed that an unseen somebody is waltzing around the forest with a gas-fueled torch, maliciously starting blazes…. Too easy to guess that it’s Collin the randomly appearing “nugget”? Or, maybe, that lady lawyer inmate, causing a ruckus because she can’t have Bode?

What did you think of the episode “Two Pink Lines”?

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