Is More Teen Wolf On the Way After Paramount+ Movie? 'I Think Werewolf Babies Are in Order,' Says One Star

Warning: We’re about to spoil major plot points from Teen Wolf: The Movie, now streaming on Paramount+.

Whether it’s been made official or not, the continuation of the Teen Wolf franchise feels inevitable.

Not only is the interest is clearly there, hence the existence of Teen Wolf: The Movie, but the film itself practically doubles as a backdoor pilot for a next-generation spinoff, one built around Eli (Vince Mattis), Beacon Hills’ newest teen wolf.

As far as YA protagonists go, what could be more compelling than a brooding teenager with daddy issues (R.I.P., Derek Hale!), a mysterious missing mother, and freshly acquired powers he must learn to control? The fact that he can use Stiles’ Jeep as a getaway car is merely the cherry atop this supernatural sundae.

Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis tells TVLine that he hasn’t made any decisions about a potential continuation of the series, but that doesn’t mean we should rule out the possibility. “Whether there are more stories in my head to tell remains to be seen,” he says. “Maybe I could find some new writers who have interesting stories and I could just oversee it all.”

For what it’s worth, OG teen wolf Tyler Posey would be down to guide Derek’s son on his journey, as well as to explore who Scott McCall is as an adult.

“Obviously, I would love to do more Teen Wolf,” Posey tells TVLine. “We still didn’t get to see these characters as adults. This movie is maybe two days in the world of Teen Wolf, and they’re thrust into this chaos the whole time. You never get to see them just be adults with each other.”

Crystal Reed is also eager to spend more time in Allison’s skin, especially now that she and Scott have found their way back to one another.

“For sure,” she says to the possibility of continuing Teen Wolf. “I think werewolf babies are in order.”

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