Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals What Buffy Fans Should Know Before Watching Wolf Pack on Paramount+

Are you a Buffy fanatic who plans to check out Wolf Pack purely to get your Sarah Michelle Gellar fix? If so, the former slayer herself has something to tell you.

“I think the main thing for them to know is that it’s a little bit of a slow burn with me, and to trust that there’s a reason I’m on this show,” the actress tells TVLine ahead of Wolf Pack‘s Jan. 26 series premiere on Paramount+. “It might not be obvious at first, but I promise there will be twists that they will not see coming.”

Along with executive-producing the Paramount+ series, Gellar also plays series-regular Kristin Ramsey, an arson investigator who gets more than she bargained for while looking into a California wildfire with (spoiler alert!) supernatural origins.

“It might not be obvious in the first three [episodes], but by the time you get to four and five you’re going to get some twists. … In [episode] eight, you’ll get the me you came to see. You’ve got to wait, but it’s worth the wait.”

Though Kristin does play a vital role in the story, Wolf Pack mainly focuses on a pair of teenagers (Armani Jackson as Everett and Bella Shepard as Blake) who suffer bites during the chaos of the wildfire, bonding them with two werewolf siblings (Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna and Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan).

Hit PLAY on the video above to hear these words straight from Gellar, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Are you going to watch Wolf Pack?