The Flash Announces a Trio of Returning Familiar Faces, Releases Final Season Poster

The Flash Final Season Guest Stars

This is where things start getting emotional, folks.

The Flash has announced a trio of returning characters/actors for its ninth and final season (premiering Wednesday. Feb. 8), and they include series vet Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West aka Kid Flash.

Also due for encores — and all appearing in the farewell run’s ninth episode — are Arrow alum David Ramsey as John Diggle/Spartan, and Sendhil Ramamurthy as Season 6 baddie Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork.

The longest-running Arrowverse series also revealed a poster (down below) for its 13-episode swan song, and it’s pretty damn perfect.

Showrunner Eric Wallace had a little something to say about each of the above returning guest stars.

David Ramsey Legends Tomorrow Mystery Role“As one of the legacy Arrowverse characters who helped start it all, John Diggle holds a special place in our hearts, as well as the fans’,” Wallace said in a statement. “Plus, the commanding presence and commitment to excellence actor/director David Ramsey brings to the screen each-and every time is truly inspiring. So, of course, it was a no-brainer to have Diggle join Team Flash in our final season! So, get ready for a very emotional reunion as John Diggle aka Spartan helps protect Central City alongside Team Flash one, last time.”

Regarding Lonsdale’s first appearance since the middle of Season 6, Wallace noted, “Kid Flash isn’t just another speedster — he’s a beloved part of our Team Flash family. So as soon as we knew he was coming back, we set out to create a special and heartfelt story for his return. The result is a brilliant performance from Keiynan that showcases a side of Wally West you’ve never seen before.”

Flash 6x07 PreviewRamamurthy’s Bloodwork last was seen late in Season 6, when Eva McCulloch’s Mirrorverse minions tracked him down in his ARGUS containment cell to claim a drop of his blood for reasons.

“Ever since Sendhil turned in such a brilliantly haunting and unforgettable performance as the tortured Ramsey Rosso in Season 6, we’ve been looking for a way to bring him back,” said Wallace. “We also knew we wanted to have Ramsey play a part in Flash’s final race. Fortunately, everything came together and now the villainous Bloodwork’s return will set into motion one of the Flash’s wildest and most emotional adventures yet.”

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Flash Final Season Poster

Courtesy of The CW