SNL Video: Austin Butler Gets Choked Up Dedicating Show to His Late Mom

Austin Butler hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time this weekend, and he had a very special message to share in his monologue.

After saying hello to his sister in the audience, the Elvis star talked about growing up in Anaheim and going to Disneyland with his mother. He and his mom watched SNL together every week, he said, “and even though I had this crippling shyness, with her, I’d do anything to make my mom laugh.” (He even broke out a pretty decent Gollum impression: “My mom, like all moms, was a huge Gollum fan.”)

“Being silly with her is what broke me out of my shell,” Butler added, saying that it helped him start down the path to an acting career. “Now my mom is no longer with us,” he continued, his voice breaking a bit with emotion, “but I’ve been thinking about her a lot this week, just imagining how proud she would be that her son, who used to not even be able to order food for myself at a restaurant, is now standing on this stage.”

Butler wiped away a tear before adding: “So tonight, anytime you see me doing a silly voice or making a funny face, that’s for you, Mom.”

Watch his full monologue above, and then hit the comments to share your thoughts on Butler’s SNL debut.


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