SNL: Steve Martin and Martin Short Eulogize Each Other Until a Surprise Guest Livens Things Up — Watch

Even the best performers can have their off nights, but if you want as close to a guarantee of a good time as is possible, well, you book Steve Martin and Martin Short as hosts for Saturday Night Live.

Comedy nerds mourned the passing of Carl Reiner, not just because he was an icon in his own right, but because of his long-time friendship with another legend, Mel Brooks. Seeing Reiner and Brooks riffing like they were in their twenties gave us hope that we, too, would still be joking into our nineties.

Steve Martin and  Martin Short have become the heirs to that throne – an unofficial comedy duo that is so comfortable in their rhythm that they can’t help but slay whenever they’re onstage together.

If you love comedy roasts, but only have six-and-a-half minutes to spare, might we recommend this week’s two-person monologue? One-liners are not the usual fare for a sketch comedy show, but an opportunity like this is apparently too good to pass up. It’s clear that these two men love each other, so they can sling the meanest lines at each other and get away with it.

Martin starts off with a reminder of his extensive history hosting the show – surpassed only by Alec Baldwin – before the the pair do a little self-deprecating. But that’s just the warm-up. Short plays on Martin’s persona as a calculating egomaniac, and Martin comes back by comparing him to soccer (“Somehow, I just can’t get into it.”)

Before long, Martin reveals that he’s so ready to be done with Short that he’s already written his friend’s eulogy. Unsurprisingly, Short has done same, and what follows is just a machine-gun pace of zingers that will take your breath away. From prostate issues to marital problems to a classic holiday SNL sketch reference – this has absolutely everything you’d probably not want said about you when you die.

Of course, Martin and Short co-star in Only Murders in the Building, which is filming Season 3 in New York, so it’s little surprise– and yet still a joy — to see the hit Hulu comedy’s third musketeer, Selena Gomez, crash the mutual eulogizing.

Watch video embedded above, then grade this weekend’s episode: