Alyssa Milano: Who's the Boss? Revival Must Be as 'Progressive' as Original

Alyssa Milano hopes that the Who’s the Boss? revival in development at Amazon’s Freevee will be as progressive as the original ’80s/early-’90s sitcom.

Debuting on ABC in 1984, Who’s the Boss? starred Tony Danza as Tony Micelli, a former ball player who took a job working as a housekeeper for businesswoman Angela (Judith Light), moving into her Connecticut home along with his daughter Samantha (Milano).

This past June, the Who’s the Boss? sequel series found a home at Freevee, and Milano thus far has seen at least one script which she says is “really funny.”

The follow-up — penned by One Day at a Time executive producer Mike Royce and ODAAT writer Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz — takes place 30 years later, with Samantha now a single mother and living in the same house from the original series. Danza’s Tony would enter the mix “to take care of my children,” Milano shared in a new Entertainment Tonight interview, “because I get a job that makes me travel a lot.”

Light’s involvement to any degree remains TBD, though Milano ventured, “I’m sure she will [return].”

“I was very skeptical about this,” Milano told ET. “And then I spoke to Tony… and I got kind of excited.”

Milano noted how the original Who’s the Boss? was quite progressive for its time, revolving as it did around a single mom businesswoman with a sexually voracious mother (played by the late, great Katherine Helmond), and who hires a man to be her housekeeper.

As such, Milano says she hopes the new series can be put together “in a way that really stays true to that whole progressive thing that we had in the ’80s” while tapping into “today’s issues.”

As for the revival’s current status/possible series order, Milano told ET that “we submitted the script to Freevee before Thanksgiving and they are internally talking this week about it. So hopefully we will hear soon.”