Yellowstone Recap: [Spoiler] Learns a Devastating Truth and Vows Revenge

Sunday’s Yellowstone shed light on a subject that brought out the dark side in Beth. No, like the really dark side. Extra dark. Mega dark. As in we only thought we knew how dark she could get — that dark. After Rip’s bride spent the night behind bars for aggravated assault, she strong-armed Jamie into strong-arming the complainant into not pressing charges. (Although, hilariously, Beth would still have to pick up trash on the highway for disorderly conduct.)

All of that was just a precursor to the big reveal, however. Forcing Jamie to give her a lift, Beth discovered a baby seat in her adopted brother’s back seat. Rather than lie, which honestly would have been the sensible thing to do, Jamie admitted that he had a son (whose mother Beth immediately guessed was Christina). Beth did not take it well. First, she pummeled Jamie as he drove, then she leapt from his SUV. “Taking you to that clinic is the greatest regret of my life!” he cried. Unmoved, Beth vowed to take away Jamie’s boy. In fact, “next time you see him, you can kiss him goodbye,” she hissed, “‘cause he’s as good as gone.”

Told ya she went daaark!

Yellowstone Recap Season 5 Episode 3 Horses in Heaven‘GRIEF ISN’T MEANT TO BE SHARED, BUT COMFORT IS’ | In other developments in “Horses in Heaven,” John learned that he had a roomful of policy advisers at his disposal. Immediately unimpressed upon meeting his strategists, the governor pink-slipped them all, saving Montana, in Clara’s estimation, about $1.6M in salaries and benefits. Still, with agents from Fish & Wildlife threatening that environmentalists were going to be all over him about the endangered species that they suspected had been killed on his ranch, and Beth potentially needing a pardon, John would need a crisis manager. Congratulations, Clara?

Back at the ranch, Kayce and Monica buried Tate’s kid brother in a Native-American ceremony that was watched from afar by John and Beth. After scolding his daughter to develop at least a smidgen of impulse control, John offered Monica what comfort he could, telling her that his namesake had lived a perfect life in that he had only ever known her love. He also thanked Kayce for naming the ill-fated tot after him and offered him a chance to continue drawing a paycheck as Livestock Commissioner. But if Kayce wanted, John would find a replacement for him. “It’s what I want,” Kayce said. Well, s—t. Alone with Rainwater, the governor agreed to visit the reservation to show the community that he cared enough to show up in person. He’d nixed hundreds of jobs, it was the leas he could do.

Yellowstone Recap Season 5 Episode 3 Horses in Heaven‘I’M STARTING TO FEEL A LITTLE IRRESPONSIBLE’ | At dusk, John and Rip crossed paths, and the Dutton patriarch’s new son-in-law admitted that yeah, Ryan had shot some endangered species by accident. At least, Rip assured John, the bodies were somewhere that they couldn’t be found. (Train station?) Later, needing someone to help him understand, never mind combat, environmentalists, John sprung Summer from prison to be his adviser. “So you know, I just went a year without sex, which is the longest I’ve gone since the first time I had it,” she told him, “and I’m still not f—king you.” Which she did, anyway, that very night!

Over dinner with Sarah, Jamie served himself up as putty in the Market Equities shark’s hands. (Fins?) One drink led to another, and before we knew it, they were banging in the bathroom, with Beth taking a cellphone pic of Sarah’s driver’s license. Later that night, unable to sleep, Beth went online to investigate the femme fatale who might just be her cunning equal… only to discover that Summer was back at the Yellowstone. Beth offered to pick up some doxy to “kill whatever funk” Summer had picked up in prison, but Summer had a better idea: Maybe Beth could pick up a toothbrush, because Summer hated using John’s daughter’s!

Needless to say, Beth hit the bottle as the sun was coming up. So, what do you think? How will Beth take away Jamie’s son? How much fun will it be having her and Summer under one roof? And is Clara now John’s only staff?!?

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