The Voice Results-Show Recap: Did the Right Singers Make It to the Top 10?

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Being in the Top 13 really was unlucky for three contestants on The Voice Tuesday: Viewers’ votes — or lack of them — sent a trio of singers home just shy of Season 22’s Top 10.

Based on Monday’s performances of numbers that changed the wannabe winners’ lives — and the poll that followed TVLine’s recap — it looked like the threesome that was most at risk was Team Camila’s Eric Who (who’d given up his trademark flair), Team Gwen’s Alyssa Witrado (who hasn’t seemed to have the firmest grasp on what her lane is) and Team Blake’s Rowan Grace (who was so weak, nobody balked when I gave her a C-). But, as we well know, it isn’t always the contestants that should go home that do go home. Who actually got cut?

the-voice-recap-eric who alyssa witrado-eliminated-top-13-resultsBefore we found out, we were treated to a fairly painful rendition of Glen Campbell’s “Southern Nights” by Team Blake (on which, predictably, only Bryce Leatherwood really sounded at home) and an odd, odd version of The Turtles’ “Happy Together” by Team Camila (that I could barely pay attention to, because the coach was wearing… was that a bottle brush?).

And in the moments of truth…

Justin Aaron (Team Gwen)
Bryce Leatherwood (Team Blake)
Omar Jose Cardona (Team Legend)
bodie (Team Blake)
Morgan Myles (Team Camila)
Rowan Grace (Team Blake) — really?!?
Kim Cruse (Team Legend)
Brayden Lape (Team Blake)
Parijita Bastola (Team Legend) — whew!


Eric Who (Team Camila), “The Climb” — Grade: C | Not sure why Eric would go for another ballad after winding up in this position after trying “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Brave and daring or ill-advised? Eh, probably more the latter. Though he passed through moments that were as in the pocket as my wallet, his lack of consistency once again undermined him. As if to underscore his iffy vocals, his coach said for the zillionth time that we fell in love with his personality; she never says we fell in love with his voice.

Alyssa Witrado (Team Gwen), “Ocean Eyes” — Grade: D | Hella pitchy and, maybe even worse, boring. Alyssa’s been singing on borrowed time for weeks now, and this performance sounded like “Time’s up.” All Gwen could say was that she loves Alyssa’s voice and hoped that she’d get voted through so that they could work together some more. And I hope I wake up with a 30” waist, Gwen. Both are equally likely.

Devix (Team Camila), “When You Were Young” — Grade: B- | First of all, no way should Devix even be in the bottom four; he slayed Monday night. (This spot should have gone to Rowan Grace or Brayden Lape.) Here, he wasn’t his absolute best — that one botched high note toward the end; eesh — but he demonstrated enough star quality and a strong enough voice that for me, there was no contest. He belonged in the Top 10. That said, people have historically dug Kique, so I was concerned.

Kique (Team Gwen), “Earned It” — Grade: B+ | From the start of his Weeknd cover, Kique was like, “Nope, I am taking this last slot.” There was a lot — like, a lot! — of pointing, but he was vocally very much on point, swinging down into his lower register and then rising back up to a more impressive howl than I ever expect from that baby face. Devix got my vote, but I had a hunch that Kique was getting the Instant Save. And honestly, based on tonight, he’d — wait for it — earned it.

SAVED | Kique (Team Gwen)

ELIMINATED | Devix (Team Camila), Eric Who (Team Camila), Alyssa Witrado (Team Gwen)

Hit the comments with your reactions to the results, and on your way, stop off at the poll below to weigh in on the contestants that you would have axed.

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