Walking Dead Showrunner Braces Fans for a 'Highly Emotional' Series Finale

the walking dead series finale spoilers who dies angela kang

There’s nothing left for Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang to do but hope. The Season 11 and series finale is in the can. Now she has only to wait and see whether viewers think she stuck the landing. She has ample reason to be optimistic, though. “It’s a highly emotional episode,” she tells TVLine. “It’s a ride. For the audience, there will be tears, and the tears will come for different reasons for different characters.

“But we really felt that at the core of this, there’s horror in this world. There’s obviously action and adventure. But the reason people follow these people,” she continues, “is because there is heart, there is a chosen family, there’s something about their will to make it past the worst circumstances that is inspiring. So we leaned really hard in that direction, because we felt that’s what the core of the show is.”

the walking dead series finale spoilers who dies angela kangThat said, Sunday’s “Rest in Peace” (which premieres on AMC+ as well as AMC at 9/8c) doesn’t skimp on the thrills and chills. “There’s lots of action and excitement and scariness and high stakes,” Kang promises. “All of that’s there. For the people who are craving some really cool action, you’ll get that. 

“But I think most importantly, there are really lovely character moments between people,” she adds. “I’m so blown away by our cast and the work that they put into it. Greg Nicotero pulled out all the stops directing a very, very challenging, huge episode in the midst of all the things that we had to deal with production-wise.”

the walking dead series finale spoilers who dies angela kangWhat’s more, the episode, for which Kang wrote the story, marks the first and last time that the drama was able to record a full orchestra. “So it’s really going to sound exceptionally cinematic,” the EP says. “The score that Bear McCreary and Sam Ewing came up with is so beautiful, I hope that it’s released as a soundtrack unto itself, because it’s pretty incredible work.”

OK, last call. Aside from the characters we know have spinoffs lined up, which of our heroes do you think won’t survive the very last episode of The Walking Dead? Vote in the poll below, then comment away.

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