The Recruit Trailer: Noah Centineo Runs for His Life, Sips White Claws in First Footage From Netflix Spy Thriller

A James Bond-style Martini, shaken, not stirred? Nah, Noah Centineo would rather crack open a White Claw in a new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming spy thriller The Recruit.

In the trailer — which you can watch above — the To All the Boys heartthrob stars as Owen Hendricks, a fidgety new CIA lawyer who gets stuck digging through boxes of old letters from people threatening to release classified information. But a visit to one such letter-writer in prison plunges Owen into a dark and dangerous web of international intrigue. “Congratulations, you’re being followed by the entire United Nations,” he’s told as he discovers dead bodies and is threatened with torture via power drill. He does take time out for a fancy party, though, and when he’s offered a Martini, he counters: “How about a White Claw?”

“Owen quickly becomes entangled in a dangerous and often absurd world of power politics and mischievous players, as he travels the world in hopes of completing his assignment and making a mark at the CIA,” per the official synopsis. Alexi Hawley (The Rookie) serves as creator and showrunner of the eight-episode drama, which hits Netflix on Friday, Dec. 16.

Press PLAY above for a first look at The Recruit, and then tell us in the comments: Will you be signing up for this mission?

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