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Titans Boss on Starfire's Big 'Destiny' Tease and What It Means for #Dickory

Titans 4x03 Dickory Destiny

The following contains spoilers from the Nov. 10 episode of Titans Season 4 on HBO Max.

This week on HBO Max’s Titans, a (literally!) petrified Koriand’r got the first of what will be multiple peeks this season at her destiny.

When Dick and Kory (played by Brenton Thwaites and Anna Diop) set out to spring a trickster named Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) from the hoosegow, the mischievous magic-maker slipped their grip almost ASAP. The duo soon enough caught up to the sassy thief, though when Kory opened up the magical box Jinx had pinched, she suddenly turned to stone.

While Dick and Jinx chased after a dark elf to reverse this spell, Kory found herself “back” at Elko’s Diner, where she reunited with Zadira (The Expanse‘s Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama), the Tamaranean who trained her back in the day.

Told by a cryptic Zadira that “you alone can save them,” Kory couldn’t help but scoff, explaining, “I did the queen thing, I did the ‘go to earth to save Tamaran’ thing….” But Zadira maintained, “You have all the answers. All you have to do is listen.” Following Zadira’s lead, Kory punched her birth year into the nearby jukebox, and it cued up a Tamaranean tune that Zadira used to sing during their training sessions.

“When the red moon fills the sky/my true fight begins,” said Kory, recalling the lyrics. “You always said [this song] is about my destiny.”

“Yes, your destiny has arrived,” Zadira avowed. “It’s time to be the warrior you need to be.”

When Zadira then made passing mention of Dick Grayson, Kory asked, “How do you know about him?” Zadira answered simply, “It’s a part of your destiny.”

To be sure, “destiny” is a loaded word that surely perked up the ears of Titans‘ oh-so-patient “Dickory” ‘shippers.

“We explored that romantic relationship in Season 1, so it’s not totally new territory,” Titans showrunner Greg Walker noted when TVLine asked about Dickory now being destined. “But now that they’ve put Gotham behind them, and Kory has a fresh start, a big ‘reset button’ has been pushed on her life.”

Walker reminded that recent seasons saw Kory dealing with big sis Komand’r aka Blackfire “and kind of figuring out, ‘I know why I came to Earth, I did what I was supposed to do, I’m with these people [the Titans], and this is the guy I’m with, I guess — or not, and we’re now on a road trip back to San Francisco, where we’re going to pick up the mantle of running this team together.’

“And it seems like that’s the direction they’re going,” the EP previewed. [Kory and Dick] finally have a chance to explore a relationship in a way that they haven’t had in previous seasons.”

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