Did House of the Dragon Mom Make Bad Call? New Amsterdam Doc Not Healed? Did Jedi Yaddle Talk Funny? More TV Qs

House of the Dragon Ghosts Jedi

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Tales of the Jedi, The Patient, Station 19, Ghosts, Abbott Elementary and more!

1 | Where did Fire Country‘s Freddy disappear to…?

2 | Did anyone else think that SEAL Team‘s Clay, after going “missing” at the end of the episode, would resurface by suddenly spearing the rat with his hunting bow, thus proving that he is “back”?

House of Dragon Aemond Eye3 | Why has House of the Dragon‘s Aemond been covering that badass sapphire with an eyepatch this whole time? And why would Rhaenyra allow her young son Lucerys (now second in line to the Iron Throne) to travel alone as her emissary without any backup or protection at all?

4 | Why would a generally smart cookie like The Walking Dead‘s Carol let Lance walk behind her, where he could hit her over the head with a rock or… whatever? Also, are you worried about the fate of any character more than you are Dog?

5 | RawWhat size jacket do you think Seth Rollins was wearing on Raw? Smedium or children’s large?

6 | Did it bother anyone else how NCIS: Hawaii‘s Jesse kept pronouncing fentanyl “fen-ta-NOL”?

7 | Was this week’s NCIS case one of the more convoluted ones in a while, wanting us to think that dearly departed Agent Otis was a mole when you simply knew that wouldn’t be the case?

8 | On Quantum Leap, how horrifying/confusing do you think it was for Ben’s mother to receive a phone call from a man claiming to being her son, who then disappeared before he could elaborate?

9 | Is The Voice contractually obligated to remind us that Charlie Puth has perfect pitch every time he’s on screen?

10 | Now that we’ve finished The Patient: Really, Sam’s murder spree didn’t attract any police attention at all, even when he was killing and kidnapping people he was closely connected to…? And were you sad to see Alan die, even if it was probably the most likely outcome to all of this?

La Brea11 | Given that her prosthetic is already damaged, why did no one on La Brea ask Izzy about her leg after they took that fall into the pit? And while there was zero doubt that Paara’s husband wasn’t actually dead (please, we’ve watched TV before!), did you expect to meet him in the same episode?

12 | Every time New Amsterdam plays the “I’m healed” scene in the “Previously On…,” do you suspect that maybe Max is not actually OK, health-wise?

13 | What do we make of Tales of the Jedi‘s Master Yaddle not speaking at all with a Yoda-like syntax?

Andor14 | Who was the bigger surprise to see on Andor this week, Rogue One‘s Melshi (again played by Duncan Pow), or Andy Serkis in his first on-camera Star Wars role?

15 | Who else is wondering why Tell Me Lies‘ Lydia would ever shackle herself to Stephen? As a fully-formed adult, wouldn’t she recognize the red flags earlier than someone like Lucy, who was a college student when she met him? And as Lucy’s friend, wasn’t she privy to all the awful things Stephen did?

16 | Was the conclusion of Stargirl‘s “Infinity Inc.” two-parter oh-so-cerebral and oh-so-serious that it sucked much of the fun out of Green Lantern Alan Scott’s kids finally reuniting?

17 | Now that Survivor‘s horrid Hourglass twist is officially kaput, was Wednesday’s “earn the merge” fiasco more fun to watch this time around? And which was a worse move: Ryan throwing the challenge last week or Jeanine failing to save her bestie with her idol?

The Conners Halloween Costumes18 | Where would you rank The Conners‘ fifth annual Halloween episode among all Halloween episodes of both Roseanne and The Conners? At the very least, the costumes give this year’s effort an edge over the spinoff’s previous four outings, right? Speaking of those costumes…

19 | We love Abbott Elementary, but has the Ashley character been a rare mistake by the show?

20 | Home Economics fans: How are we feeling about Casey Wilson’s Harmony as a new member of the family? And are you hoping her presence will create more opportunities for Nora Dunn and Phil Reeves to swing by?

Big Sky CGI

21 | Big Sky viewers: On a scale of 1 to the submarine in Lost, how bad was that CGI when Beau was on top of the car during the chase?

22 | Considering that Station 19‘s Sullivan OD’d at the firehouse, would Ben really have pranked Beckett by pretending to have done the same? Also, would Beckett dumping a bucket of fake blood on Maya, Carrie-style, be regarded by the higher-ups as an amazing stunt or a hostile work environment?

Ghosts 2x0523 | Shouldn’t Ghosts‘ Jay and Sam have a VERY strict agreement to never, ever be in the vault at the same time? If the door somehow closed, they’d certainly die!

24 | Didn’t this week’s Atlanta — a faux documentary about the making of A Goofy Movie — feel more like a missing episode of Documentary Now? And also like a strange detour with only two episodes left in the series’ run?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!