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Monarch Finally Reveals Mystery Victim's Identity in Episode 7: 'We Hoped It Would Come as a Surprise'

Monarch Recap Episode 7

Monarch fans are officially in on the Roman family’s deadliest secret yet.

Tuesday’s episode revealed that the victim being buried in the flash-forwards is none other than Nicky’s philandering husband Clive. He got violent with Nicky after she refused to take him back, forcing Gigi to hit him over the head with an award.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to kill him. Clive regained consciousness and crawled out of Albie’s truck in the middle of the woods, leaving the family patriarch to finish the job with a bullet.

“We wondered how the audience would feel,” showrunner Jon Feldman tells TVLine. “We hoped it would come as a surprise, that they would understand why it had to happen, and why the Romans did what they did.”

And even though the Romans are hardly out of the woods (too soon?), there is a silver lining to Albie and his daughters committing murder together.

“There are all these forces working to pull the family apart, so we wanted to explore the unexpected ways that they could come together,” Feldman says. “It felt surprising, yet appropriately dysfunctional, for the Romans to come together over a murder cover-up.”

Now that we’re caught up with the flash-forwards, Feldman confirms that the season’s remaining four episodes won’t be jumping ahead in time.

“We’ll have one timeline going forward, but the threat is only growing for the Romans,” he explains. “The ticking clock will tick louder than ever.”

As for last week’s big reveal — that Catt is actually Albie’s daughter, the product of his affair with the woman Dottie murdered — the whole situation appears to have resolved itself nicely, with Albie inviting his granddaughter Anna to perform alongside him. (Key word: appears.)

“We wanted to go a different route with this one, instead of doing what was expected,” Feldman says. “But that storyline, even though it appears that everyone is accepting it, is not going to go as simply as that. There are ripples and ramifications of that reveal moving forward through the end of the season, with many unexpected twists and turns.”

There’s also the matter of Luke and Kayla’s affair, which Feldman calls “another bomb that will explode in the last part of the season.” After all, “what’s the point of an elicit affair and pregnancy if not to use it to fracture the entire family?” Feldman also teases that future episodes will “dimensionalize” Luke’s character, and he hopes the audience will “find ways to sympathize with him.”

Were you surprised to learn that Clive was the show’s big victim? And what are your hopes for the season’s final four episodes? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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