The Crown Won't Show the Car Crash That Killed Princess Diana, Netflix Vows

The Crown Princess Diana Death

One of the most tragic chapters in British royal family history won’t be seen on The Crown.

The car crash that killed Princess Diana in 1997 will not be shown on screen during the sixth and final season of the Emmy-winning docudrama, Netflix said in a statement to the Daily News: “[Season 6] will not depict the crash, contrary to some reports,” adding that instead, “it will be scenes covering the lead-up to, and [the] aftermath.”

The Crown is a fictionalized retelling of the seven-decade reign of the late UK monarch Queen Elizabeth II, starting with her marriage to Prince Philip in 1947 and spanning all the way to the 21st century. The character of Princess Diana was introduced in the most recent fourth season, with Emma Corrin playing the Princess of Wales as she married Elizabeth’s eldest son Prince Charles and joined the royal family. Elizabeth Debicki takes over the role of Diana starting with the upcoming Season 5, premiering Wednesday, Nov. 9 on the streamer.

Season 5 picks up in the early 1990s, as Charles and Diana’s marriage is falling apart. “Prince Charles pressures his mother to allow him to divorce Diana, presenting a constitutional crisis of the monarchy,” according to the official description. “Rumors circulate as husband and wife are seen to live increasingly separate lives, and as media scrutiny intensifies, Diana decides to take control of her own narrative, breaking with family protocol to publish a book that undermines public support for Charles and exposes the cracks in the House of Windsor.”