Monarch Confirms Dottie's Dark Deed, Solves Another Season-Long Mystery

Monarch Catt Albie

More of the Romans’ past misdeeds were unearthed on Tuesday’s Monarch, including one that could uproot their entire family tree.

Just one week after revealing (to absolutely no one’s surprise) that Dottie was responsible for the barn fire that killed Albie’s mistress Rosa all those years ago, Monarch blindsided the Roman family patriarch with an even bigger twist — albeit one that fans have likely suspected for some time.

Per the findings of Albie’s private investigator, Rosa indeed perished in the fire, which was indeed set by Dottie. OK, no surprises there. But as Tripp so casually put it, “Buddy, that’s not it.”

Because Albie was away on tour for most of 1980, he wasn’t aware that Rosa gave birth to a baby girl that summer, one who’s “likely” alive today.

Actually, make that extremely likely, as the episode then cut to the Phoenix family’s motel room, where Catt undressed to reveal a burn scar on her back. In case you couldn’t already deduce that Catt is Albie’s daughter, she pulled out a locket containing Rosa’s photo. And just for good measure, she gave us this line: “I promise you mama, I won’t let them forget you.”

A sub-issue here, of course, is that Catt being Albie’s daughter means that Ana and Ace are kissing cousins. Fortunately, Ace is adopted, which means that the couple isn’t genetically related. That doesn’t make it good, just… not quite as bad.

Did you predict Catt and Ana’s connection to the Romans? Who do you think showed up at Nicky’s door in the flashforward? And what are your thoughts on Monarch thus far? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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