Chesapeake Shores Series Finale Recap: The O'Briens Say Goodbye With Major Life Milestones — Plus, Grade It!

Chesapeake Shores Series Finale

Did the O’Brien clan get a “happily ever after” ending during the Chesapeake Shores series finale? Of course they did, this is Hallmark Channel!

Chesapeake Shores Series FinaleAfter welcoming Kevin and Sarah’s baby, named little Mick (aww!), the episode shifts to the planning of big Mick and Megan’s upcoming wedding, which is happening ASAP at Jess’ B&B. Because when you’ve already been married once before, there’s no point in waiting. Plus, Mick and Megan are planning to finally take that trip around the world after their nuptials. That means Megan’s taking time off from the Getty, while Mick tells Abby that he’s retiring and turning over the family construction business to her. But he hopes that she won’t make the same mistake he did of letting work become his whole life.

Ahead of the ceremony, Nell sends Megan a hairclip from Ireland as her something new, which prompts Megan to realize she forgot about that tradition. Bree offers up her sapphire ring as something blue and something borrowed. Megan rushes home in search of something old, when she runs into Mick, who jokes he’s the something old. Then Mick gives her back her old wedding band, which he held on to all these years after their divorce.

Chesapeake Shores Series Finale

After the couple exchange vows, the family heads back to the house and sit around the fire pit with their significant others, one-upping each other with big life news as the episode ends. And boy are there some big announcements! Like an engagement! And a pregnancy! Let’s rewind to check in with the O’Brien siblings:

* After Mick gives her the company, Abby runs into Mandrake and offers him a job as her right-hand man. Later, Evan opens up to Abby about his mom’s abusive boyfriend and how their escape lead to her car accident. Evan then makes peace with his biological father. Having confronted his past, it makes sense that Evan is now looking toward the future. He brings Abby to his new house and pops the question with a heckuva rock, telling her that he loves her and her whole family. Abby, of course, happily accepts his proposal. (“I love you, and I like you,” they both say, stealing a page out of Leslie and Ben’s Parks & Rec notebook?) And their new home even has an apartment above the garage for Mandrake, although he’s still mulling whether he wants to work for Abby or come back to Evan.

* Jess tells David that she’s ready to start a family, and they’ve already begun trying, because she’s pregnant!

Chesapeake Shores Series Finale* Luke leaves the hospital against medical advice and visits Bree to say goodbye. He doesn’t want to burden her with his problems, so he’s going to leave town. Bree exclaims that she loves him and that he doesn’t get to make decisions about her life for her. Even though he says he loves her, too, Luke’s not even planning to come to the wedding because it would send the wrong message. Thankfully, the stubborn man comes to his senses and shows up unexpectedly as the ceremony is starting. He explains to Bree that he doesn’t trust it when things are too good, but she makes him want to trust.

* Margaret is mad at Connor for taking David’s father’s case, thereby ignoring her thoughts entirely even though she’s a full partner. The ice between them starts to melt, though, when Margaret realizes that David’s father is being set up by his friend and that they can actually win this case.

* Future doctor Kevin decides to apply to Johns Hopkins and University of Pittsburgh.

Chesapeake Shores fans, what you think of the series ender? Was it satisfying? Grade it below, then hit the comments!

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