Deleted The Flash Season 8 Finale Scene Reveals Why 2049's Barry Wasn't Around to Help Save Iris

‘Member when heading into The Flash‘s Season 8 finale, timesick Iris suddenly vanished from the 2049 S.T.A.R. Labs med bay and rematerialized in 2022, just in time to get zapped by one of Barry’s hurled lightning bolts? Iris then seemingly died in her husband’s arms, before dissipating into a cloud of particles.

The search was then on to find Iris, and though 2049’s Jay Garrick and wife Dr. Joan Williams traveled to 2022 to help out, why didn’t their own Barry Allen/The Flash offer up his own considerable set of skills?

The explanation for 2049 Barry’s absence is revealed in the clip above from Season 8, Episode 20 — one of several deleted scenes to be found on The Flash: The Complete Eighth Season, which comes to Blu-ray (buy here) and DVD (buy here) this Tuesday, Oct. 18.

In short: Jay Garrick (played by John Wesley Shipp) reminds Joan (Michelle Harrison) that their Barry is currently off-world dealing with the aftermath of a rather epic sounding clash. Jay also name-checks a villain viewers first heard about back in Season 7, Episode 4.

“Im doing you a favor by killing you now, Flash,” Earth-19’s Abra Kadabra (guest star David Dastmalchian) told the speedster in that Season 7 scene. “This way you’ll never have to face the wrath of”… the future foe mentioned in the clip above!

The Flash: The Complete Eighth Season features all 20 episodes (including the five-part “Armageddon” arc), deleted scenes such as this one, the featurettes “The DC Heroes: Path to Glory” and “The Flash: Standing the Test of Time,” and a gag reel.

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