Andor Star Confirms Time Jump(s?), Tonal Changes Ahead in Season 1

Andor Clem Vel

Are you starting to wonder how Season 1 of Disney+’s Andor will cover a year in time, when the first five episodes (out of 12) have spanned mayyyybe a week?

If so, series lead Diego Luna affirms that at least one significant time jump is on the way.

Andor‘s story opened five years prior the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which Luna originated his role as Cassian. Season 1 will span one entire year, while Season 2 will cover the remaining four years (in three-episode arcs).

Andor began with Cassian accidentally killing one corpo and then less-accidentally killing another. Anxious to flee the planet he was calling home, the on-the-lam Kenari native met with the enigmatic Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård), to sell off a highly valuable piece of Empire tech. Luthen, though, saw in Cassian something more than just a thief, and in Episode 4 he invited him to “put a real stick in the eye of the Empire” by joining his associate Vel (Faye Marsay) and her ragtag team of rebels as they raid a garrison and steal the Imperial payroll for a whole sector.

Episode 5 saw Vel & Co. ready for that daring mission, which presumably will play out in this Wednesday’s Episode 6.

Speaking with Luna before the series launched, TVLine asked, “Are there going to be significant time jumps?” following the garrison raid, to propel us further into 5 BBY.

Luna answered, “There is, there is, yeah,” before explaining series creator Tony Gilroy’s approach to the Rogue One prequel.

“We have 12 episodes to cover a year,” he noted, “so what happens with the series — and again, I ‘blame’ Tony Gilroy — is just when you think you understand what [the show] is going to be like, what kind of tone you’re going to be in, what characters are going to be around and what the setting is, the series will take you somewhere else and you will go and start from scratch.

“That way the series can transform to be yes, the adventure-and-action piece that you would hope a Star Wars is,” Luna continued, “but then it will be able to turn into a spy thriller and become very political, and then in a moment become very intimate and character-driven, and then back to the big scope.”

Spanning one year over one season “is a long time,” Luna acknowledged, “so Tony Gilroy really took that [storytelling opportunity] to the next level.”

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