9-1-1 Reveals the Truth About Tanya — Is Athena's Father a Murderer?

911 Recap Season 6 Episode 3

Monday’s episode of 9-1-1 closed the book on a tragic story from Athena’s past — one she didn’t even know was left unwritten. (Alexa, play Natasha Bedingfield.)

Following Bobby and Junior’s discovery of young Tanya Kingston’s body underneath the Grants’ house, local authorities immediately began circling Athena’s father’s hospital room like vultures. So when they gave Athena explicit orders not to play cop, she had no choice but to disregard those instructions. And she copped hard.

Bobby and Athena’s first stop was Tanya’s childhood home, where her grown sister Joanne welcomed them with a loaded gun. Once tensions subsided, however, Joanne recalled the night her sister disappeared, admitting that Tanya followed her out to a bonfire — a detail she conveniently left out of her original statement.

Armed with this new information, it only required putting a few more puzzle pieces into place to deduce that Junior was the person responsible for Tanya’s death; when she refused his advances, he followed her into the orange grove, where he chased her down and ended her life. As for how Tanya’s remains made their way under the Grants’ home, it was explained that Junior’s father — who considered it his sworn duty to protect his son at all costs — encased her body in the cement after attempting to erode the corpse.

First a car accident, now all of this? Bobby and Athena need to get the heck out of Florida ASAP.

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