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Yellowstone's Season 5 Trailer Reveals 'This F—king Family' Is 'Already at War' — But Are the Duttons Really Winning?

Don’t bother battening down the hatches; that won’t do s—t as new episodes of Yellowstone approach. One gander at the full-length trailer for the supersized Season 5, which Paramount Network released Thursday ahead of the Sunday, Nov. 13 premiere, at 8/7c, and you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the storm that’s a-brewin’ is going to lay waste to anything and anyone in its path.

For starters, John and Jamie’s battle to replace Lynelle as governor of Montana is over: The job belongs to the Dutton family’s patriarch, not its black sheep. And Big Daddy is every bit as quick to make waves as you’d expect him to be. “You’re all fired,” he tells his employees, in the same breath hiring firebrand daughter Beth to be his new chief of staff. Jamie warns his sister that “they will fight you dirty,” but as you’d expect, she responds, “Is there any other way?”

At the same time, Market Equities bigwig Caroline is more than eager, anxious (!) to settle the score with Rip’s treacherous bride. The exec is sick to death of “this f—king family” and orders her minion (new hire Dawn Olivieri’s Sarah Atwood) to “ruin them, starting with her.” Meanwhile, Jamie, awful as he may be, warns his adoptive father that signing a certain order will be seen as a declaration of war. Not that Pop cares. (Did you expect him to?) “We’re already at war,” he says.

So yeah, it’s like that. To check out the trailer, just press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments with your hopes and fears for Season 5.