Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Recap: A New Coach Brings New Challenges — Grade the Season 2 Premiere

Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

The Ducks are back… sort of.

After winning the iconic Mighty Ducks name last season, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 2 finds our titular squad in need of a new clubhouse after the Ice Palace was condemned due to severe structural damage.

Bombay, who will not appear this season, called in his two best men to fix up the place: Fulton Reed and Dean Portman, aka the Bash Brothers (played by Elden Henson and Aaron Lohr, who reprised their Mighty Ducks roles).

In the meantime, the squad would train with the best of the best at the Elite Performance Ice Center in California. The squad hit the road to attend the invite-only hockey camp with their coach, Alex, who quit her job and planned to return to law school in the fall. To swing the cost of chaperoning the team this summer, Alex got a job as a dorm counselor at the center.

The Ducks immediately stood out when they arrived late in a battered RV and interrupted Coach Colin Cole’s big speech welcoming the kids to the program. Later, we learned that Coach Cole — played by new cast addition Josh Duhamel — meant to invite Coach T’s team, unaware of the name switch. They may have the Ducks moniker, but they were still the underdogs.

Mighty Ducks: Game ChangersThey had a lot to prove, especially now that they were no longer competing as a team. As Coach Cole pointed out, everyone was fighting for an individual spot in the world hockey showcase at the end of summer. (Note: If there’s going to be international competition, does that mean we’ll also see Team Iceland?)

In their first test, the Ducks took part in an ice breaker game, with the goal to score and prevent others from scoring. The squad struggled against tough competition, which included a confident player named A.J. And while Evan, Sofi and several others made it out fine, Nick lagged far behind in second-to-last place. But that was still better than Coach Cole’s son, who came in dead last after missing a shot, much to his disappointment.

And while it was a rough day for the Ducks, they decided to stick it out. Plus, their summer officially begins tomorrow morning… at 5 am. Fun.

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