Chicago Fire Stars Tease Ritter, Violet and Gallo's Season 11 Love Lives: Sweet Normalcy, Flirting and Trouble, Oh My!

Chicago Fire Spoilers

A gust of romance is making its way through the Windy City.

Following last Wednesday’s Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere, Violet and paramedic field chief Hawkins are officially back on and more couple-y than ever. The pair no longer have to worry about Emma blackmailing them about their secret romance now that she’s gone. And since Hawkins has been transferred, he and Violet have officially taken their relationship public, as witnessed by the full-on PDA display at Molly’s in last week’s episode. But the couple will be exchanging last season’s big relationship challenges for new ones, which may be smaller but are no less important.

“Now it’s like sweet and normal problems, like he has commitments [and] he can’t make time to see her because he has to be somewhere else,” Hanako Greensmith, who plays Violet, told TVLine during a recent #OneChicago Day press junket. “But that’s kind of what’s wonderful is seeing normalcy within a relationship and seeing how they flourish in that way, too, because they’ve had so many challenges. What is it like to be together without the challenge now?”

Meanwhile, a pining Gallo will take steps to move on from his feelings for Violet after helping to facilitate her reunion with Hawkins. “I think he kind of understands that that’s the right way to do it. Like if she doesn’t choose him, it’s not up to him,” his portrayer Alberto Rosende says.

While “it may be difficult” for Gallo to let Violet go, there’s also an upside, the actor notes: “He’s available to see if there’s anyone else out there that might spur his interest, and maybe that is exciting, maybe it gets him into trouble,” Rosende teases. (Co-showrunner Andrea Newman did tell TVLine that Gallo is “going to move on by having a hell of a lot of fun.”)

And will Ritter,  the third half of Gallo and Violet’s friend threesome, finally get a new love interest, too?

“Things do be going down in the firehouse and outside. We just got to wait and see which way it goes,” Daniel Kyri, who portrays the firefighter, says with a smile. “But I think there’s some exciting stuff on the horizon for him in terms of like love and dating and flirtation. There are some fun moments that we’ve actually had the opportunity to film that we’ll be seeing this season, too. So I’m pretty excited.”

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

(With reporting by Keisha Hatchett)