The Good Fight Cut an Intoxicating Diane-Centric Scene From This Week's Episode — Find Out Why

The Good Fight Season 6 Episode 3

Those ketamine infusions have been pushing Diane Lockhart outside of her comfort zone on The Good Fight. And an ill-fated scene in this week’s episode — the third of the series’ sixth and final season — would have taken the rigorously professional legal eagle’s chemically-induced evolution to an intoxicating new level.

According to series co-creator Robert King, a sequence in which a super chilled-out Diane turns her office into a makeshift saloon was left on the cutting room floor. “We cut a scene [of] the associates [piling] into Diane’s office because she was pouring out drinks,” the EP revealed on Twitter Thursday. “Diane’s office became a clubhouse.”

As King explained, although the scene was “extremely well acted,” it “delayed” the episode’s A-story  involving Charmaine Bingwa’s Carmen. “These episodes are all a juggling act of how long to delay or rush stories,” he shared. “How do you keep momentum up on three or four independent stories?”

In a recent interview with TVLine, Diane’s longtime portrayer, Christine Baranski, admitted that bringing her alter ego down a few intensity notches this season — care of John Slattery’s ketamine whisperer Dr. Lyle Bettencourt — has been “refreshing,” adding, “It may be why I enjoyed this season more than ever. She is deliberately seeking an alternate reality and she found it with this treatment.

“She is light of spirit,” Baranski elaborated. “She is seeing the world through another lens, and I think it’s making her feel a little young and silly. It’s relief to not have [Diane] be angry and frustrated and dark all the time.”

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