9-1-1 Season 6 Premiere Ends With a Nightmarish Twist — Grade It!

911 Recap Season 6 Episode 1

We would still trust Andrea Zuckerman to edit a newspaper, but after watching Monday’s 9-1-1 premiere, we’d be less confident letting her pilot an aircraft.

Gabrielle Carteris guest-starred as the co-pilot of a blimp that crashed into a stadium full of soccer fans — all to the tune of Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes,” because of course. And just like that, the 118 did what the 118 does, springing into action to rescue the pilots as well as the panicked crowd. Athena even got to fill in as a part-time heart surgeon, which is always a fun surprise.

Speaking of fun surprises, Lucy apparently rolled her ankle during an aggressive game of family football, so she’ll be out of commission for the next few weeks, leaving Bobby to scramble for a new interim captain while he goes on vacation — and Buck was not thrilled that he wasn’t considered for the job.

Then again, as Christopher pointed out, Buck doesn’t even have a couch in his apartment, so he has plenty of other things on his to-do list. (Four months have passed since Taylor and her couch moved out, and Buck is afraid of picking the “wrong couch” again.)

In other complicated relationship news, a leak in Maddie’s apartment sent her and Jee-Yun to Chimney’s apartment for a few days, stirring up old feelings of the romantical variety. A cheesy rom-com and a few bars of Julia Michael’s “Issues” set the perfect tone for an emotional rekindling, but the reunion took an unfortunate turn when Maddie awoke to find that Chimney already snuck out… of his own home. Still, Maddie realized that she was the first to abandon the family — and this time, she’s “done running.”

OK, back to the interim captain drama: Bobby ended up choosing Hen, though he was a little reluctant due to her already-hectic work schedule. (You don’t just forget about taco plans with Angela Bassett!) Buck was disappointed that Bobby didn’t choose him, but it was less about the job and more about Buck’s direction as a person. A person who still does not need a “couch” to feel complete.

Yes, it looked like all was finally well with the 118. That is, until a FaceTime call went terribly wrong in the episode’s final scene; Athena watched in horror as her father accidentally drove his car into his house, potentially severely injuring her mother in the process.

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