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She-Hulk Director: Madisynn/Wong Bonus Scene Didn't Exist in the Script

She-Hulk Madisynn Wong Bonus Scene

The mid-credits sequence in which She-Hulk viewers get to see Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme, and Madisynn King, supreme party girl, fast become “besties” was not in the original script for Episode 4.

The Disney+ comedy’s Sept. 8 episode opened with magician Donny Blaze (played by Entourage‘s Rhys Coiro) pulling Madisynn (Florida Girls‘ Patty Guggenheim) from the audience as a volunteer and then sending her into an interdimensional portal that the Mystic Arts dropout opened with his sling ring. Some time later, Madisynn fell through another portal into Wong’s (MCU vet Benedict Wong) Kamar-Taj crib, where she promptly spoiled his bingeing of The Sopranos.

Later in the episode, when Madisynn was called on by attorney Jen Walters/She-Hulk to testify at a hearing on Wong’s behalf, the Florida girl said that she and “Wongers” had become “besties” — and the mid-credits scene offered a window into how they bonded at Kamar-Taj over their preferences in adult beverages.

She-Hulk Madisynn

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“When Wong and Madisynn are riffing with each other…? That didn’t exist in the script,” Kat Coiro, who directed the first four episodes (as well as Episodes 8 and 9), shared with TVLine. “That came purely from the actors’ comedic chemistry and us going, ‘We’ve got to throw some cameras on these two, because they’re so funny.'”

Coiro said that Guggenheim’s casting — which turned out to be TVLine Performer of the Week-worthy — should come as little surprise to those who have sampled some of her previous directing credits, including multiple episodes of the Pop comedy Florida Girls and the 2018 indie Daddy Issues.

“If you do a little deep dive on Kat Coiro, you will find Patty Guggenheim is there all the time,” Coiro noted. “I do not go anywhere without that woman. She is a comedic genius.

“When I brought her up [for the She-Hulk role], nobody was familiar with her,” Coiro added. “But then she came in and auditioned for us and everybody — the Marvel executives, [including] Wendy Jacobson and Sean Earley… [head writer/EP] Jessica [Gao] — everyone watching that audition was actually crying with laughter. Tears streaming down their faces.”

Oh, and as for the casting of the aforementioned Mystic Castle magician with someone with a familiar last name? “There was nobody else to play Donny Blaze but my husband,” Coiro said with a smile.

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